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5G Commercial Acceleration - The Great Value of Smart Street Lights

      As the major development direction of future information and communication technologies, 5G has been elevated to the strategic level by major countries in the world. Driven by the global industrial chain, 5G commercial time points are continuously advanced. All major manufacturers and operators in the industry chain are racing. Currently, according to the plans of the three major domestic operators, 2018 has already begun to conduct 5G experimental networks in major cities one after another. In 2019, commercial trials will be conducted on a large scale and commercial deployment will begin in 2020. Smart light poles are becoming the first choice for 5G micro base stations.
      Today, some integrated poles have integrated LED lighting, smart security equipment, micro base stations, WiFi, cameras, weather monitors, LED traffic guidance screens, charging piles, and other systems. They can also integrate bins, pit covers, and more. The IoT testing equipment has been integrated with features such as traffic statistics, environmental monitoring, fast charging, information release, emergency linkage alarm service points, and solar charging. It can even provide support for problems such as shared bicycle parking, plaza dancing, and construction site noise dust. Effective solution. "The street lights can be given too much effect," said the source.

      With the development of science and technology, infrastructure construction projects that could not generate revenue in the past will be expected to benefit in the future. Street lamps are typical examples. As an infrastructure construction, traditional street lights are often difficult to generate revenue. However, after the 4G and 5G technologies have matured, signal devices can be installed on the street lights of smart street lamps to generate revenues. These revenues can cover a part of output.
It can be said that the smart street lamp is expected to become a smart city big data collection platform, as well as a new municipal management and service platform, with a huge space for value creation, and even a whole new industry. We can call it a smart streetlight economy for the time being.
      “The construction of the intelligent street light system has provided the traditional light poles with the attributes of comprehensive utilization and operation.” Unlike most street light projects that use only the EMC model, since most expansion applications involve a wide range, the business model of smart street lamps has its own particularities. At present, the government and enterprises are actively exploring.
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