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30W Solar Street Light Project in Columbia

      Colombia is located in the northwest of South America, bordering Venezuela and Brazil to the east, Ecuador and Peru to the south, Panama to the northwest, the Caribbean to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. With a land area of approximately 1.142 million square kilometers, it ranks fourth in South America. Colombia is the only country in South America that has the North Pacific coastline and the Caribbean coastline.

      Tropical rainforests predominate, with northern savannahs and dry grasslands predominating. The precipitation from south to north is gradually reduced. In the large areas where the savannah climate predominates, there is still a year-round high temperature, but in this area, there is not as much rain as in the south. The equator spans the south, the plain south and west coasts are tropical rain forest climate, and gradually turn to the savannah and dry grassland climate to the north. The mountainous area of 1000-2000 meters above sea level is subtropical, 2000-3000 meters is temperate, 3000-4500 meters is the alpine grassland, More than 4,500 meters of snow in the high mountainsThe Republic of Columbia is the member state of the League of South American Nations, it is tropical rain forest climate, full of sunshine. 
Columbia is very suitable for solar energy products installation. 
      Huinee Lighting is mainly to supply solar street light controller to Columbia customers. They demand the solar street light controller with time and dimming function, most important is waterproof function.
It is very beautiful design to have two led lamps for 30W solar street lamps, application in solar garden lamps, solar seaside lamps, solar pathway lamps. 
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